WonJin Yoon

Ph.D (MS integrated) student in Computer Science
Korea University. College of Informatics.
Machine Learning Researcher

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WonJin Yoon. 윤원진. 尹元鎭

Ph.D (MS integrated) student at Korea University. College of Informatics.
Majoring in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

When I was undergraduate student, I was fascinated by Computer Security field.
Nowadays, I am more onto applying Deep Learning to NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Biomedical Informatics.
Also I am interested in other areas of Machine Learning

I love taking pictures, traveling and cooking.
I took all the pictures in this webpage by myself!
Hope you enjoy them ; )


2017 ~ Current
Researcher at DMIS Lab, Korea University, Seoul DMIS
Started Ph.D. program at Korea University.

Exchange Student at NUS (National Univ. of Singapore) Report
Chairperson of KUICS ; Korea University Institute of Computer Security (Club) KUICS

Chairperson of KU - Kyunggi high school Alumni Association(YB)
Chairperson of Inc0gnito Hacking Conference 2014 Incognito Conference

Started bachelor's program at Korea University. CSE major

Seoul Kyunggi High School (Class of 2012 ; 108th graduating class)


Research Publications / Works

Paper and Research results...

CollaboNet: collaboration of deep neural networks for biomedical named entity recognition
Wonjin Yoon, Chan Ho So, Jinhyuk Lee and Jaewoo Kang
Full paper (oral) accepted for CIKM 2018 workshop - ACM 12th International Workshop on Data and Text Mining in Biomedical Informatics (DTMBIO2018)

Available on arxiv and github


Applications ...

Solution for river pollution

CATEGORY : Machine Learning, Data Mining
[Data Science. 2016 Spring.] lecture in Korea University.
Use linear regression and clustering to predict how the river will be after building sewage treatment plant

Visit result webpage (fixing)

Download presentation

in PDF(1.5MB)


CATEGORY : Information Security, Kernel Hooking
[Information Security. 2014 Fall.] lecture in Korea University.
Hook into Windows kernel to prevent unautheticated access to protected file
Download (with proposal, intrim report and final presentation integrated)

in PPTX(38MB) in PDF(1.1MB)


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